Sunday, 22 June 2014

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible for our success or failure? The answer is easy and same but we always find it difficult to express or accept. So, what’s the answer here? The answer is ‘ME’. Yes, we are responsible for what we are today and what we mean to be in the time to come.
With every success we use up the total credit, but always hold or make someone responsible for our failure. With every failure students point to their teachers, working people to their boss or superior, and the rest either to their neighbors or relatives.  But is that the correct thing to do? Obviously not and never will be.
Then, why do we perform such wrong act? We perform because it’s comfortable and self satisfying thing and behaving so we get immense pleasure thinking that we are on the safer side. In reality we are only putting ourselves on the course that will guide us towards a large tragedy and never can we sweep over no matter how much we attempt. Everything we do or tend to do is our sole responsibility and it has nothing to do with any other person. The word responsibility itself means having the ability to respond.
Today, if we find an excuse to ambush our failure on somebody else, we necessitate to read a note of it and do what’s right and not what’s safe. We are born winner and the captain of our destiny. We should think of that and stop blaming others or making excuses, but instead engage the duty of the occurrences.
Finally, who is responsible for our success or failure?
Now it’s your time to reciprocate.
Have a wonderful and lovely day ahead! Be responsible for yourself.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Respect your Time

Time is one of the most powerful tools on earth, if respected it will lead you to your destination else it will ensure you in a loop for the rest of your life. Once trapped you will find it hard to overcome the challenges you face in life and to become successful will always be a matter of wish.
But the big news is, time is equal for all. Time never value a person by his/her qualification, richness, influence or where one has come from but, time always valued those who respects its existence. Time never ceases, neither wait for any soul, but it keeps on moving with immense hope that everyone will follow. People who follow and manage their time well are sure to come out with flying colors and the rest just sits back and either enjoy watching the colors of others or cry for the foul play they performed when time wrapped with opportunity knocked their door. You cannot dispose of your time just the way you can’t with your shadow. It’s constant and ready to help each one of you only if you are ready enough to help yourself.
How to value and respect time?
Considerably, you need to accept or do things that will eventually manage your time the way it should have been. Managing time is giving respect to time.
To begin with, you need to hold a definite goal. You must have a distinct and clear goal with an eagle eye on it. Having a goal will surely save your valuable time, which otherwise get lost if you don’t have one. Goal creates a proper direction and path that will guide you towards success. A person without a goal is like someone walking in the midst of a desert without a compass or a scout map.
Second, an action plan to make your goal look realistic. The action plan will surely save your time and make you cognizant of what to do and deflect. Thus, preserving your precious time in accomplishing your goal. An action without a plan is the cause of all human disasters.
Third, analysis by writing down an advance plan much before you actually begin your work. In doing so, you make each day more productive, create right path to follow and keep accurate track of your progress. Making an advance plan will increase your productivity by 25%.
Fourth, concentrate on the work you need to do to become successful. It’s impossible to do anything worthwhile in life without the ability to concentrate single mindedly on one thing at a time and to abide with it until it’s finished.
And lastly, maintaining punctuality in whatever you do. The biggest reputation a man can get in life is ‘the reputation of being punctual’. Punctuality increases your confidence, intelligence, reliability for others and you become more trustworthy and valuable. Being punctual means understanding the value and importance of time.
With total regard to every single minute you are sure to sail the journey of your life along the smoothest tone. To become successful, you just require a single minute – yes, a single minute! The minute you decide to become successful.
Respect time and time will respect you.
Have a wonderful day ahead. Time is with you, don’t waste it…….