Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Orange Success – understanding the meaning of success

In the midst of fast paced life people across the globe are moving with one objective in mind, to become successful in life. But the irony is only few hit the jackpot. It’s not that the rest of the people, which form the majority are unsuccessful and or God wasn’t in perfect mindset when they were born. The truth is people who fail to become successful are the one who never gave much thought to understand the real meaning of the word success.
We all know the popular saying which states, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Nothing new, but then the sentence has a deeper meaning and impact in our life, especially when we focus and or talk about our health. Likewise, what about an orange? It’s a yummy, refreshing juicy fruit full of vitamin C is all that we know. Well, it is and there’s no doubt about that, yet we don’t put in much thought that a refreshing fruit like an orange can teach us the actual meaning and make us understand what success is all about. Lost, don’t be.
Remember, the word success is very earthly because the definition of the said word differs from one person to another. Not only that the precept of achievement too differs. Majority people tend to produce and desire to achieve their results upon watching those who are successful without knowing the actual meaning of it. Result, they give up easily with negative experience to carry forward and the impact created out of it leaves a scar of fear deep down in their minds forever. What these people missed out is the understanding process of the word success. Remember, your life is in your hand and you are unique. Your wants and desires are not necessarily need to be the same as that of the others and that’s natural. When we copy we don’t look at the things needed to be done to achieve what we desire for, rather we just focus on the final outcome; actually that’s where we put our focus when we imitate. More importantly, we don’t concentrate to understand the meaning of the things we are running after.
It’s time to look deep inside the word success and understand it. Success always carries its friends along with it and the bondings are too strong. Too strong for mankind to either break or separate them easily from one another. Easily is the word to focus now as the breakthrough isn’t impossible. The bonding friends of success are challenges, pain, failure and criticism. One cannot achieve their define success without overcoming its companions. To take out success alone you really need to eliminate the said acquaintances one after the other and or all together and it’s only then you can truly enjoy the flavour of success. This means now you can declare yourself being successful!
How an orange can be related to success and make us understand its true meaning? When you want to relish an orange, you cannot enjoy the juicy pulp (success) of the fruit until and unless you peel off its skin (companion) which represents challenges, pain, failures and criticisms. Once you do that you are not done yet. Why? Because now you have the fruit covered with thread like substance called fibres. Again, fibres are good for health and these fibres represent the experience, knowledge and wisdom we acquire upon peeling off the skin. These experiences, knowledge and wisdom represent the food of our mind and it’s important in order to sustain success eternally and or as long as we want to. Candidly, we want to keep success as our sole companion till we live with shadow and not otherwise.
Finally, it’s time to enjoy your juicy pulp (success) for all the hard work you went through and you deserve it. Next time you eat an orange remember you are realizing as well as enjoying success. This is what orange success is all about.

Have a great and wonderful day!