Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Avoid 3 Cs

How often do we deflect something wrong onto others? Quite often. We simply don’t retain an account when we point our fingers at others. In spite of knowing that we are three times more wrong than the person we are pointing at. Worse, we don’t even leave God by pointing our thumb at him. Try yourself now and see the consequence. The question is not whether it’s good or bad, but is it really important and necessary to do that? We all know the answer which is and will forever remain a big no. However, we get along. Why? Self-defense is the answer and we simply don’t think much about it when we actually execute the act. This in fact is, our spontaneous reaction to any given action where the incrimination is focused on us. That’s natural for every human, but now we need to change the way is has been acquitted.

To start with we must never do three Cs ever in our life and they are condemn, complain and criticize. These are the things that hold us back and cause us to lose our true worth as a human. If these are what we get back in return how would we feel? Think and think deeply with a vow not to repeat the same ever.

Why to condemn when we can appreciate and create a pleasant atmosphere for us to live in concord. We all know that every human is born with some limitations, that’s a given and we are no exception. But that’s not where we should apply our focus, instead we must look at the positive aspects of every individual and acknowledge them. How do we feel when someone appreciates us? The moment we receive appreciation our self-esteem and confidence level touch the summit. That’s what exactly happen with others as well. To bring out the dirt is easy, but to cleanse it off is difficult. When people start slinging verbal dirt at one another it get settled down deep inside the heart and either it, take the time to wipe off or never happens. And from this dirt arise conflict and dislike which are not at all good for us to be in. Hence, focus on the sun and not the finger pointing at it. The world today is starving – starving for appreciation
We always take the advantage of slightest opportunity in complaining people. It seems as if every wrong happens for others and every good for self. Complaining is no more a way to express our dissatisfaction, but a medium to let the other person down. There might be a point of disagreement and that’s natural, but that should never take the form of complaining. This is a disease that ruins humanity and constantly brings out ill fate. We cannot achieve anything great in life just by complaining someone or something because of the results which might not be in our favour. After all, nobody is liable to us, saving us. Next time we complain, we need to think of the cause and the solution it has and do accordingly. Looking out for good in every direction, action and people will invariable bring out the best, the one we always are in search for. Instead of complaining we should try our best to bring out the solution it carries. Encouraging people on every little achievement will bring out the positive quality and increase the overall productivity. Therefore, we must never complain, but stick to the solutions.

Criticism for many is a mode of entertainment and people feel satisfied by criticizing others. But in reality what they did is they have simply proved their character. I strongly believe that a needle must never laugh by taking in the number of holes in fishnet, because the needle itself have one. Similarly, when you enjoy finding faults in others make sure you have counted yours. Criticism by far is a way to disrupt the progressive character of an individual and hence it’s not an encouraging act to perform. We cannot achieve success just by doing what is not the right thing to do, i.e. criticizing others. Stop before it destroys relationship, trust, goodwill and faith.

To overcome these unwanted acts which bear no positivity in return need to be riveted towards the positive three Cs that will boost the confidence we want to bring about. They are compliment, compassion and cooperation. The best tool to motivate and teach people is a sincere compliment. The point to be noted here is that we all appreciate recognition and today, it’s our turn to do that onto others. So, focus on helping people to be, do and have more than they can possibly conceive of. Once we do that without putting in any questions or conditions, we are sure to acquire what we desire from life.  

Have a wonderful and excited day! You know what is expected from you and what you need to do…… 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Effective Leadership

We are always in the quest for effective leadership. Leadership that will not alone guide us, but bring out the best we possess within ourselves. To find a leader is not a big challenge, but to get an effective and efficient one is really a tedious job. Tedious because people are more focused on bringing out the best in others only to satisfy their wants and desires. As I have mentioned in one of my blog title ‘Leadership and you’, that leadership is not about ruling people but winning hearts. Yes, making people get what they want and guiding them in doing that is the utmost quality of an effective leadership. An effective leader manages themselves as well as the people they work with so that at the end, both gets the benefit out of each other’s presence.

Remember, people will only follow or love to get associated with those leaders who create them manage things that are intended to lift up their confidence, self-image, trust and above all productivity. Every person has a purpose of doing work and nobody wishes to serve something for others first – that’s the human mentality. Respecting that will eventually make you a much sort out leader within your organization. Does that mean as a leader we have to leave work for others to decide? Absolutely not. As a leader we are responsible to look upon the smooth functioning of any given task. Instead of directing and ordering people to do what we require them to get along, we necessitate to prepare our people see the grandness of the assigned work and then let them know what they will gain upon finishing the given work. The gain always not need to be monetary.

To become an effective leader you need to follow 3 key points that will surely place you at the helm of being a successful leader adored by all. A leader people will remember for the rest of their life.

GOAL SETTING – Determining goals for your team is an essential function and as a leader you need to put that right before the commencement of any given task. But here the most important fact is that the goal must be agreed upon between the leader and his team. Every goal needs to be developed further into small manageable one so that the task gets done without facing any challenges. The goal should be distinguishable and revised frequently so that the team knows what is expected from them. The goals serve the team know what performance is expected and how well to execute them. It creates a sense of responsibility within the team and progress the workload easy and fast. Productivity is all that we expect and following it in an organized way is what an effective leader looks for.

ENCOURAGEMENT – A noted leader informs his team in good order at the outset of any given task how he will let them know about their progress. Encouraging the team frequently on every positive outbreak is another key to effective leadership. Another remarkable point about effective leadership is telling people what they did right instantly and specifically. This should not be meant to please someone, but to be conveyed genuinely. Along with this he will let his team know about his feelings on every result, whether it’s praiseworthy or under performance and how this will affect the development and productivity of the team and the system as well, and at the same time he will also allow his team to feel the way he felt. This will bring out the unity, integrity and genuineness towards the team and will help them to perform their best in the future projects. An effective leader doesn’t just holds back here, but he encourages his team to do more of the kind when opportunity arrives. Lastly, he contributes a touch therapy in form of patting shoulder or a handshake to his team members as a mark of praise and acknowledgement to their respective success. The important point to be noted here is that the touch of encouragement should be honest and genuine without the discomfort of the other person. Else this will produce a negative effect filled with uneasiness and poor performance.

REFLECTION – A person should always be judged by his worth and not his performance. On any given day he might fail to live up to the expectation, but that doesn't mean he is no more a worthy person. He is, and that’s what an effective leader will focus on. A noted leader will always act like a mirror to his team and reflect them their deeds in both right and wrong ways. The leader will always let them know if things go wrong and that too in a specific way, so that the same might not happen again. He will also rebuke his team on their poor performance, but not to the performer – the key to an effective leadership. Reflecting the cause will make things clear with no ill feelings and that’s how a leader should behave in order to maintain the decorum within the team. Not only that, a leader will also act like a mirror to let his team know how much he values each one of them and his assessment is constantly focused on their execution rather than on the individual. Once done, it’s over and over for good.

Now it’s your time to demonstrate to your team and the masses that they can rely on you as an efficient leader. Go out there and prove to yourself that you have it in you to become what people are looking for – effective leadership. You are almost there and all you need is to proceed with the right intention without ever manipulating people in any given task. Have your team know that you are there for them and not for you.

Have a wonderful and a great day ahead! Effective leadership is what people are looking for…….

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Are you listening?

From infancy to adulthood you are programmed to keep focused on practicing what your family has been doing or to fetch a job and take root. What you do and how you behave are related to your self-impose occupation security. You frequently come across words that are repeatedly used, but bear no significance like, comfort, impossible, average, entertainment, content and easy going to name some. These are the words used by people who are confounded with their life. They relate their success and achievement with things like, house, car, money, luxury, etc. There is nothing harm in doing that, but the problem is, people belong to mediocrity and with low self-image do that. Thus, this happens to be a mass procedure rather than a classy one. After all, success is not holding out within a comfort zone, nor to associate it with materialistic gain. Success is by far living the life you love to live when left alone. To tell you the truth you don’t belong to mediocrity, instead you are a born legend just waiting to prove to this world about your existence. And in doing that your age, economic status, gender, qualification and where you belong have nothing to do with your success. Just believe in yourself and move ahead in life. Confused? Don’t be.

Just think for a moment, do you desire to achieve things you already possess or are you prepared to conquer more in life. More in life, right? Then, how can you achieve more in life just by being in the place you are in today? To achieve what you desire, you need to get yourself out of mediocrity. And in doing that you will eventually guide yourself to the track through which legends have already walked past. This will be possible if you bring out the hidden maestro and make him practice what he is best at. The maestro who is responsible for making you a legend. Now the question is who is that maestro? He is none but you. Yes, simply endure in front of a mirror and see the maestro yourself.

I always envy people who don’t bring out the best they possess and make a difference for self and to this world. And if you are one of them, then I am sorry to say, ‘I envy you too.’ You are a winner and God has sent you with a mission to accomplish. Don’t quit till you breathe. Only a man without a shadow can make excuses not you. You are too good to sit along the failure bench and cry for luck. After all luck is nothing more than, ‘Labor Under Correct Knowledge.’ Gather knowledge, work hard towards your goal and march in concert to the melody of your victory.

Life is tough that’s a given. Whenever you want to stand up you will be pushed back. You fall, cry, feel the pain, lose your rhythm, land square on your face, stumble and feel like throwing up. But every time that happens, you get back on your feet and move faster than before. And it really doesn't matter how many times you repeatedly need to perform it. Success is defined as getting up one more time than you have been bumped down. Remember, nothing is free and easy. You might fail more than you win but that shouldn’t stop you into doing something you always desired to make out, achieving something you constantly desired to achieve and winning with your head held high. You need to energize your mind and body to overcome all the difficulties, drawbacks and failures that life always puts right in front of you. If you want more than you have now and you perpetually wanted to get better out of life than go out there and get it. The moment you discover the place you wanted to be, you must not stop until you get there. This is the purpose of your existence. This is the reason why God has sent you.

Finally, you want success without any doubt and you will, there is no silver lining about that. So, move faster, dream bigger and live better than you are at present. Everything is within you, just prove it.

Have a wonderful day! Take heed to the tune of your triumph…….

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When the going gets tough

Life will never offer you a smooth ride nor will it ever allow you to slow down, particularly if you are a go getter. That’s life and it always love to throw challenges. It’s not because life envy you, but the fact is, life always wants you to be strong and focused individual. Only those who have either missed their way or don’t possess one are the people who scream for every reason and the rest just say, ‘Thank you’. What you are today and how you are doing will solely depend on how you have treated life the way it should have been.

Though life throws challenges, it takes utmost care not to extend the same amount to each and every person. Well, here you can say life being slight liberal. It presents challenges as per the person’s capability. That’s the reason why you don’t receive the same hardship and obstacles to handle and overcome. The child doesn't experience the same challenges that of a youth and again a youth don’t have the same that of an adult. Who says life is brutal and tough? They are the ones who have omitted their focus and urge in the name of fun and enjoyment.

The question is not what life offers you but how to proceed when you find yourselves in the midst of hardship, challenges and darkness. Different people have different ways of answering that. Here are some of the major steps to learn and master and to say, ‘Here I come to conquer the darkness and emit light to see the beauty of things that are planned for me.’

Meditation is one of the major ways to stay focused. It serves to develop your concentration level and make you fearless. Life always respects those who are fearless and never ever try to interfere with those people. In fact, it will help you to choose a path when you find yourself at a crossroad. Why? Because a fearless person doesn't possess the fear to conquer the unknown, he doesn't bother to conceive of the challenges, if any, that might emerge as he proceed. Thus, meditating at least 5 minutes per day will do the magic. Just do it to believe.

Goal is the most treasured asset of any person living. It’s only the heavenly man who doesn't possess one. Goal gives you a reason to wake up every morning to live life to the fullest. It creates a sense of pride and enthusiasm to move ahead without ever carrying words like, if, else, what, how, doubt, to name some. A person without a goal is like living without a shadow. Possible? Begin today by writing down your goals on a sheet of paper with date of achieving them and then glue it in front of your study table or on your refrigerator door or keep it in your wallet or whatever place you use the most. This will forever remind you of what you expect to accomplish in order to live a life you wanted to live. Get going today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Time and tide wait for none’, I know you know. This is not a feel good quote, but the one you should think deeply to capture its true meaning and follow to see the change it brings along. Time is the most precious gift on earth and it never gives value to a person by his/her richness, qualification and or wealth. If you employ your time in a planned, organized way, then you won’t need to repent ever in life. Life will create your fortune and will make your everyday shinning only if you value and respect your time by making the most out of it. Tough times never last for the toughest. So, organize your time and get prepared for the best life is ready to reward.

Attitude is another point you actually need to focus. It doesn't matter whether you are facing rain or sunshine, but remember both are temporary and both are certain to succeed. That’s the reason why you should forever hold a positive attitude with a smile and not a frown. Keeping the right attitude on the positive track will certainly make your life soothing even when you are practically standing in the midst of a typhoon. Why? Because that’s the period when life will test your ability and will power. The success will endure and the loser will wipe away. To construct the right attitude you need to get associated with people who are achievers with strong willpower, develop the habit of reading positive books, going to seminars and above all maintaining a healthy relationship at home or at the workplace. Attitude never perishes as long as you maintain it.

Life is full of roses and thorns, but it’s up to us to choose one. Our choice will draw our life as well as our destiny. Choose well before it’s too late for you to make the two ends meet. Enjoy life as it comes only then you will be able to live and not spend your life.

Have a great and wonderful day ahead! Life is not easy, but not difficult too…….

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Think Positive!

Think positive! How many times have you noticed people saying this to you? Do you truly believe that positive thinking can lead you towards success? As you edge ahead in life you will hear teachers, parents, coaches and even grandpas telling you that you should constantly think positive. No matter what, your thought process should always be positive and only then you will be able to obtain what you always expected from life. On that point, no tinge of doubt left that by thinking positively you can conquer the Himalayas. True, but half of it. Really?

Positive thinking can never make you successful, but yes, it will surely increase the probability of your success rate. That’s the primary cause why you should always remain positive physically, mentally and spiritually. Lord Buddha once said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” This is the rationality why you should adhere around and think positively. Your mind is like a feather, and it will keep on flying in the slightest breeze. It’s your purpose to take control of your mind and program it to work according to your expectation. As an acorn grows up to an oak tree and never miss on to become something different, similarly what you fed to your mind will deliver the result accordingly nothing more or different. Positive feeding will yield positive result and negative feeding will lead to, yes, you know it so well. So, never think otherwise and always remain positive.

Positive thinking  will show the true substance and importance when performed in adverse situations, more than when situations are perfect with golden rays. In your heyday thinking positively is an easy staff, but how well you perform this in your doom day makes all the difference. You well know that when thirsty there is no point in digging a well because at that particular moment you won’t be having the required energy and zeal doing that. Wise advice, get the job done in advance and coordinate yourself to face any unwanted challenges. So, whatever be the state of affairs, one must always perform doing positive thinking religiously every day. As you know that practice makes a man perfect and using positive thinking everyday will eventually set your mind to positivity with a feel good about self-factor. By the way, remember, anything you do for 21 days becomes a habit. Build this habit for your own prosperity.

The entire Earth is striking because of positivity. All inventions, discoveries, explorations and beyond are happening or happened because of positive thinking of the great legends who never thought otherwise. The advance of technology which made our work confined to our fingertips and simple is because of positive thinking. Today, we humans crossed the moon, and planning to land on Mars because of a positive approach. By now you can, well understand the effective results of positivity to mankind. Hence, never ever never think otherwise, but adhere to positive thinking. Why? Because it will increase the probability of your success. Think positive and stay positive is all that you need to do now and always.

Have a great and wonderful day ahead! Remember, positive thinking is a weapon to overcome adversity…….

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Nothing is Impossible

The word impossible always takes place at the beginning of every venture you make out or tend to induce. It occupies the core level and will poke you as if to say, ‘I am here to have got you tight’. The word soon becomes a speed breaker or dream buster for many, but certainly not for those who simply violate it up into ‘I m possible’. To counter its effect and strength you all need to have a dream.
If you have a dream than even before you begin your journey you are more likely to take the winner tag along with you. The one we all feel proud to be, have and do. If you look down the lane of history, you will find that once the thing which seemed to be a miracle became a reality because of those legends who had a dream to fulfil. And it’s their dream that made great discoveries and inventions for the better tomorrow to humanity.
Nothing is inconceivable if you dare to do and make yourselves ready to face and master all challenges that might sneak out as you put out your life’s journey. Every person here on this planet possess the capacity and power to make miracles. The only affair that might have broken them and or stopping them is the desire to achieve and make out the things which might have looked impossible but in fact it’s not.
The saddest part to witness is when people pass on their baton generation after generation with a message written along it ‘You have a limit’. This in fact paralyzes their entire dynasty and make them feeble and weak may not be physically, but mentally and spiritually – the powerhouse of every human. You need or have to pass on the baton, simply note it with ‘You are the best thing ever happened in my life and you are a winner’. Passing on the baton with confidence and faith wrapped with positivity will always yield better results. If someone has passed on their baton to you then watch out for the tag before you accept and move forward to pass it on. Baton with negative message will never make you win your race. So, be very careful.
You are an actor with no script or retake and how you play your character will resolve the fate of your film. The hit and collapse of your film will completely depend on the functioning of your act, and the act is to live a LIFE of SIGNIFICANCE!
Have a great day and wish you all the very best in your life!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Leadership & You

Leaders are the individuals who don’t delight in status or position, however dependably concentrate on the prosperity of each person. They are continually prepared to lead from the front. They are the ones who have overcome fear or disappointment and like the challenges of life. For them the challenge is merely a stepping stone towards their goal. Leaders aren’t born from mediocrity. They are imagined from extraordinariness and are conceived of being the best. They always remain positive, even in the adverse situation and know how to make and not miss their precious life. Precious, because life is short, it comes only once and it won’t provide a second chance to rectify.
A good leader possesses the qualities of reliability, consistency, empathy and integrity.
Reliability means following commitments, doing what has been stated. Being reliable means people develop confidence and faith on an individual, an essential part when working together for a mutual goal. This in fact is one of the most important elements of human relationship where the best of a person shows up. It helps to bring out personal growth and innovation, and motivate a person to accept challenges. Building up this quality marks the commencement of a genuine leader.
Consistency is religiously doing your work without ever compromising the quality and authenticity of a given task and constantly preserving the satisfying level of others. With this you gain respect and credibility of the people in your group or in general. As a leader you need to establish this reference and set an example to your group or squad. That will eventually generate the same consequence in recurrence. People always love to watch and follow a person who is consistent in whatever he acts and give his every work a top precedence.
Empathy is understanding and sharing the feeling of others. As a leader you must always pay attention to others need and do that as a part of your utmost duty. Adding value to others and paying full concentration for them in term of their need and desire will surely put you as one of the most remarkable leaders. After all, leadership is not about yourself, it’s the services that you provide according to people’s needs and desire.
Integrity is being honest in whatever you do or tend to do. People will always pursue those who are sincere and honest, the highest return when you develop this character. It helps to bind two hearts and create oneness the most important quality one need to acquire as a leader. Leadership is not ruling people, but winning hearts. People remember those who create a place in their heart and not the other way round.
Leaders are not born, but made. So, it’s time for you to pursue the steps necessary to establish yourself as a leader. The quality which has already existed within you, all you need is to simply polish it as we make out with diamonds. You are the most unique creation ever created, just believe in yourself and see the miracles.
Have a great day! You are a born leader, just believe it…….

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Valuate your business

Business is not about your products or services, but it’s all about people. Any business establishment cannot build an empire from scratch by focusing on its wares or services. To do that you need to build people who then will automatically build your business. With this I don’t mean products or services are not important and to ignore its presences. They are, and you should always have a better quality product or a standard up to date services. But the move or acceptance of what you have to offer will only occur when you have established trust and self-assurance with the people who will be either utilizing and or have accepted your merchandise.
The ultimate reason for any organization which has failed to establish its existence in any given market is not because of its products or services, but because it has failed to establish a bond with the citizenry-the ultimate users. Always remember people build business and not the other way round. To produce a sound and profitable business, you necessitate to concentrate on the following two points which will definitely prove your score on any given market.
First, a trusted bond with your clients. For any business that you manage or have plans to do will only depend on the parameters of trust and faith that you have developed with your end users. Not everybody will be utilizing your products or services, but if you have built up a reputation of being the most trusted man/woman than people will surely mold themselves as your strong advertising channels irrespective of the fact whether they use or not. This is one of the keys to success for any given business. Remember, mouth publicity is more effective than any other means of advertisement puts together. Thus, increasing your productivity and making your business more profitable.
Second, focusing more on people by providing value through your products or services. Whatever you accept to offer should be grounded on the people’s profitability. Does that mean you should ignore yours? Certainly not. When your products and services produce more value than the actual result of satisfaction, rest assure you won’t feel the crunch of failure ever. How to add value to your products or services? It’s simple, all you need to perform or maintain are the things people usually don’t focus. They are, listening to other’s queries as if it’s yours, genuinely appreciating people, remembering their names and birthday and wishing them accordingly, thanking them on occasions for being your most valued customers, keeping your workplace clean and up to date and last but not the least always providing the best of quality and services and never compromising on that for the rest of your life.
There are hundreds and thousands of ways to build a profitable business, but if you don’t build a proper base than all your strategies and planning will be a waste. Before you start building your business, start building people – the powerhouse of all business. Nobody starts a business to fade, but it’s our concepts that at times spoil the ground. Beware of the fact that people are more powerful than your products or services. Help them and they will help you.
Have a great day ahead! It’s all about people, add value to them and they will add profitability to you…….

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible for our success or failure? The answer is easy and same but we always find it difficult to express or accept. So, what’s the answer here? The answer is ‘ME’. Yes, we are responsible for what we are today and what we mean to be in the time to come.
With every success we use up the total credit, but always hold or make someone responsible for our failure. With every failure students point to their teachers, working people to their boss or superior, and the rest either to their neighbors or relatives.  But is that the correct thing to do? Obviously not and never will be.
Then, why do we perform such wrong act? We perform because it’s comfortable and self satisfying thing and behaving so we get immense pleasure thinking that we are on the safer side. In reality we are only putting ourselves on the course that will guide us towards a large tragedy and never can we sweep over no matter how much we attempt. Everything we do or tend to do is our sole responsibility and it has nothing to do with any other person. The word responsibility itself means having the ability to respond.
Today, if we find an excuse to ambush our failure on somebody else, we necessitate to read a note of it and do what’s right and not what’s safe. We are born winner and the captain of our destiny. We should think of that and stop blaming others or making excuses, but instead engage the duty of the occurrences.
Finally, who is responsible for our success or failure?
Now it’s your time to reciprocate.
Have a wonderful and lovely day ahead! Be responsible for yourself.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Respect your Time

Time is one of the most powerful tools on earth, if respected it will lead you to your destination else it will ensure you in a loop for the rest of your life. Once trapped you will find it hard to overcome the challenges you face in life and to become successful will always be a matter of wish.
But the big news is, time is equal for all. Time never value a person by his/her qualification, richness, influence or where one has come from but, time always valued those who respects its existence. Time never ceases, neither wait for any soul, but it keeps on moving with immense hope that everyone will follow. People who follow and manage their time well are sure to come out with flying colors and the rest just sits back and either enjoy watching the colors of others or cry for the foul play they performed when time wrapped with opportunity knocked their door. You cannot dispose of your time just the way you can’t with your shadow. It’s constant and ready to help each one of you only if you are ready enough to help yourself.
How to value and respect time?
Considerably, you need to accept or do things that will eventually manage your time the way it should have been. Managing time is giving respect to time.
To begin with, you need to hold a definite goal. You must have a distinct and clear goal with an eagle eye on it. Having a goal will surely save your valuable time, which otherwise get lost if you don’t have one. Goal creates a proper direction and path that will guide you towards success. A person without a goal is like someone walking in the midst of a desert without a compass or a scout map.
Second, an action plan to make your goal look realistic. The action plan will surely save your time and make you cognizant of what to do and deflect. Thus, preserving your precious time in accomplishing your goal. An action without a plan is the cause of all human disasters.
Third, analysis by writing down an advance plan much before you actually begin your work. In doing so, you make each day more productive, create right path to follow and keep accurate track of your progress. Making an advance plan will increase your productivity by 25%.
Fourth, concentrate on the work you need to do to become successful. It’s impossible to do anything worthwhile in life without the ability to concentrate single mindedly on one thing at a time and to abide with it until it’s finished.
And lastly, maintaining punctuality in whatever you do. The biggest reputation a man can get in life is ‘the reputation of being punctual’. Punctuality increases your confidence, intelligence, reliability for others and you become more trustworthy and valuable. Being punctual means understanding the value and importance of time.
With total regard to every single minute you are sure to sail the journey of your life along the smoothest tone. To become successful, you just require a single minute – yes, a single minute! The minute you decide to become successful.
Respect time and time will respect you.
Have a wonderful day ahead. Time is with you, don’t waste it…….