Sunday, 10 August 2014

Effective Leadership

We are always in the quest for effective leadership. Leadership that will not alone guide us, but bring out the best we possess within ourselves. To find a leader is not a big challenge, but to get an effective and efficient one is really a tedious job. Tedious because people are more focused on bringing out the best in others only to satisfy their wants and desires. As I have mentioned in one of my blog title ‘Leadership and you’, that leadership is not about ruling people but winning hearts. Yes, making people get what they want and guiding them in doing that is the utmost quality of an effective leadership. An effective leader manages themselves as well as the people they work with so that at the end, both gets the benefit out of each other’s presence.

Remember, people will only follow or love to get associated with those leaders who create them manage things that are intended to lift up their confidence, self-image, trust and above all productivity. Every person has a purpose of doing work and nobody wishes to serve something for others first – that’s the human mentality. Respecting that will eventually make you a much sort out leader within your organization. Does that mean as a leader we have to leave work for others to decide? Absolutely not. As a leader we are responsible to look upon the smooth functioning of any given task. Instead of directing and ordering people to do what we require them to get along, we necessitate to prepare our people see the grandness of the assigned work and then let them know what they will gain upon finishing the given work. The gain always not need to be monetary.

To become an effective leader you need to follow 3 key points that will surely place you at the helm of being a successful leader adored by all. A leader people will remember for the rest of their life.

GOAL SETTING – Determining goals for your team is an essential function and as a leader you need to put that right before the commencement of any given task. But here the most important fact is that the goal must be agreed upon between the leader and his team. Every goal needs to be developed further into small manageable one so that the task gets done without facing any challenges. The goal should be distinguishable and revised frequently so that the team knows what is expected from them. The goals serve the team know what performance is expected and how well to execute them. It creates a sense of responsibility within the team and progress the workload easy and fast. Productivity is all that we expect and following it in an organized way is what an effective leader looks for.

ENCOURAGEMENT – A noted leader informs his team in good order at the outset of any given task how he will let them know about their progress. Encouraging the team frequently on every positive outbreak is another key to effective leadership. Another remarkable point about effective leadership is telling people what they did right instantly and specifically. This should not be meant to please someone, but to be conveyed genuinely. Along with this he will let his team know about his feelings on every result, whether it’s praiseworthy or under performance and how this will affect the development and productivity of the team and the system as well, and at the same time he will also allow his team to feel the way he felt. This will bring out the unity, integrity and genuineness towards the team and will help them to perform their best in the future projects. An effective leader doesn’t just holds back here, but he encourages his team to do more of the kind when opportunity arrives. Lastly, he contributes a touch therapy in form of patting shoulder or a handshake to his team members as a mark of praise and acknowledgement to their respective success. The important point to be noted here is that the touch of encouragement should be honest and genuine without the discomfort of the other person. Else this will produce a negative effect filled with uneasiness and poor performance.

REFLECTION – A person should always be judged by his worth and not his performance. On any given day he might fail to live up to the expectation, but that doesn't mean he is no more a worthy person. He is, and that’s what an effective leader will focus on. A noted leader will always act like a mirror to his team and reflect them their deeds in both right and wrong ways. The leader will always let them know if things go wrong and that too in a specific way, so that the same might not happen again. He will also rebuke his team on their poor performance, but not to the performer – the key to an effective leadership. Reflecting the cause will make things clear with no ill feelings and that’s how a leader should behave in order to maintain the decorum within the team. Not only that, a leader will also act like a mirror to let his team know how much he values each one of them and his assessment is constantly focused on their execution rather than on the individual. Once done, it’s over and over for good.

Now it’s your time to demonstrate to your team and the masses that they can rely on you as an efficient leader. Go out there and prove to yourself that you have it in you to become what people are looking for – effective leadership. You are almost there and all you need is to proceed with the right intention without ever manipulating people in any given task. Have your team know that you are there for them and not for you.

Have a wonderful and a great day ahead! Effective leadership is what people are looking for…….