Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Avoid 3 Cs

How often do we deflect something wrong onto others? Quite often. We simply don’t retain an account when we point our fingers at others. In spite of knowing that we are three times more wrong than the person we are pointing at. Worse, we don’t even leave God by pointing our thumb at him. Try yourself now and see the consequence. The question is not whether it’s good or bad, but is it really important and necessary to do that? We all know the answer which is and will forever remain a big no. However, we get along. Why? Self-defense is the answer and we simply don’t think much about it when we actually execute the act. This in fact is, our spontaneous reaction to any given action where the incrimination is focused on us. That’s natural for every human, but now we need to change the way is has been acquitted.

To start with we must never do three Cs ever in our life and they are condemn, complain and criticize. These are the things that hold us back and cause us to lose our true worth as a human. If these are what we get back in return how would we feel? Think and think deeply with a vow not to repeat the same ever.

Why to condemn when we can appreciate and create a pleasant atmosphere for us to live in concord. We all know that every human is born with some limitations, that’s a given and we are no exception. But that’s not where we should apply our focus, instead we must look at the positive aspects of every individual and acknowledge them. How do we feel when someone appreciates us? The moment we receive appreciation our self-esteem and confidence level touch the summit. That’s what exactly happen with others as well. To bring out the dirt is easy, but to cleanse it off is difficult. When people start slinging verbal dirt at one another it get settled down deep inside the heart and either it, take the time to wipe off or never happens. And from this dirt arise conflict and dislike which are not at all good for us to be in. Hence, focus on the sun and not the finger pointing at it. The world today is starving – starving for appreciation
We always take the advantage of slightest opportunity in complaining people. It seems as if every wrong happens for others and every good for self. Complaining is no more a way to express our dissatisfaction, but a medium to let the other person down. There might be a point of disagreement and that’s natural, but that should never take the form of complaining. This is a disease that ruins humanity and constantly brings out ill fate. We cannot achieve anything great in life just by complaining someone or something because of the results which might not be in our favour. After all, nobody is liable to us, saving us. Next time we complain, we need to think of the cause and the solution it has and do accordingly. Looking out for good in every direction, action and people will invariable bring out the best, the one we always are in search for. Instead of complaining we should try our best to bring out the solution it carries. Encouraging people on every little achievement will bring out the positive quality and increase the overall productivity. Therefore, we must never complain, but stick to the solutions.

Criticism for many is a mode of entertainment and people feel satisfied by criticizing others. But in reality what they did is they have simply proved their character. I strongly believe that a needle must never laugh by taking in the number of holes in fishnet, because the needle itself have one. Similarly, when you enjoy finding faults in others make sure you have counted yours. Criticism by far is a way to disrupt the progressive character of an individual and hence it’s not an encouraging act to perform. We cannot achieve success just by doing what is not the right thing to do, i.e. criticizing others. Stop before it destroys relationship, trust, goodwill and faith.

To overcome these unwanted acts which bear no positivity in return need to be riveted towards the positive three Cs that will boost the confidence we want to bring about. They are compliment, compassion and cooperation. The best tool to motivate and teach people is a sincere compliment. The point to be noted here is that we all appreciate recognition and today, it’s our turn to do that onto others. So, focus on helping people to be, do and have more than they can possibly conceive of. Once we do that without putting in any questions or conditions, we are sure to acquire what we desire from life.  

Have a wonderful and excited day! You know what is expected from you and what you need to do……