Thursday, 7 August 2014

Are you listening?

From infancy to adulthood you are programmed to keep focused on practicing what your family has been doing or to fetch a job and take root. What you do and how you behave are related to your self-impose occupation security. You frequently come across words that are repeatedly used, but bear no significance like, comfort, impossible, average, entertainment, content and easy going to name some. These are the words used by people who are confounded with their life. They relate their success and achievement with things like, house, car, money, luxury, etc. There is nothing harm in doing that, but the problem is, people belong to mediocrity and with low self-image do that. Thus, this happens to be a mass procedure rather than a classy one. After all, success is not holding out within a comfort zone, nor to associate it with materialistic gain. Success is by far living the life you love to live when left alone. To tell you the truth you don’t belong to mediocrity, instead you are a born legend just waiting to prove to this world about your existence. And in doing that your age, economic status, gender, qualification and where you belong have nothing to do with your success. Just believe in yourself and move ahead in life. Confused? Don’t be.

Just think for a moment, do you desire to achieve things you already possess or are you prepared to conquer more in life. More in life, right? Then, how can you achieve more in life just by being in the place you are in today? To achieve what you desire, you need to get yourself out of mediocrity. And in doing that you will eventually guide yourself to the track through which legends have already walked past. This will be possible if you bring out the hidden maestro and make him practice what he is best at. The maestro who is responsible for making you a legend. Now the question is who is that maestro? He is none but you. Yes, simply endure in front of a mirror and see the maestro yourself.

I always envy people who don’t bring out the best they possess and make a difference for self and to this world. And if you are one of them, then I am sorry to say, ‘I envy you too.’ You are a winner and God has sent you with a mission to accomplish. Don’t quit till you breathe. Only a man without a shadow can make excuses not you. You are too good to sit along the failure bench and cry for luck. After all luck is nothing more than, ‘Labor Under Correct Knowledge.’ Gather knowledge, work hard towards your goal and march in concert to the melody of your victory.

Life is tough that’s a given. Whenever you want to stand up you will be pushed back. You fall, cry, feel the pain, lose your rhythm, land square on your face, stumble and feel like throwing up. But every time that happens, you get back on your feet and move faster than before. And it really doesn't matter how many times you repeatedly need to perform it. Success is defined as getting up one more time than you have been bumped down. Remember, nothing is free and easy. You might fail more than you win but that shouldn’t stop you into doing something you always desired to make out, achieving something you constantly desired to achieve and winning with your head held high. You need to energize your mind and body to overcome all the difficulties, drawbacks and failures that life always puts right in front of you. If you want more than you have now and you perpetually wanted to get better out of life than go out there and get it. The moment you discover the place you wanted to be, you must not stop until you get there. This is the purpose of your existence. This is the reason why God has sent you.

Finally, you want success without any doubt and you will, there is no silver lining about that. So, move faster, dream bigger and live better than you are at present. Everything is within you, just prove it.

Have a wonderful day! Take heed to the tune of your triumph…….