Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When the going gets tough

Life will never offer you a smooth ride nor will it ever allow you to slow down, particularly if you are a go getter. That’s life and it always love to throw challenges. It’s not because life envy you, but the fact is, life always wants you to be strong and focused individual. Only those who have either missed their way or don’t possess one are the people who scream for every reason and the rest just say, ‘Thank you’. What you are today and how you are doing will solely depend on how you have treated life the way it should have been.

Though life throws challenges, it takes utmost care not to extend the same amount to each and every person. Well, here you can say life being slight liberal. It presents challenges as per the person’s capability. That’s the reason why you don’t receive the same hardship and obstacles to handle and overcome. The child doesn't experience the same challenges that of a youth and again a youth don’t have the same that of an adult. Who says life is brutal and tough? They are the ones who have omitted their focus and urge in the name of fun and enjoyment.

The question is not what life offers you but how to proceed when you find yourselves in the midst of hardship, challenges and darkness. Different people have different ways of answering that. Here are some of the major steps to learn and master and to say, ‘Here I come to conquer the darkness and emit light to see the beauty of things that are planned for me.’

Meditation is one of the major ways to stay focused. It serves to develop your concentration level and make you fearless. Life always respects those who are fearless and never ever try to interfere with those people. In fact, it will help you to choose a path when you find yourself at a crossroad. Why? Because a fearless person doesn't possess the fear to conquer the unknown, he doesn't bother to conceive of the challenges, if any, that might emerge as he proceed. Thus, meditating at least 5 minutes per day will do the magic. Just do it to believe.

Goal is the most treasured asset of any person living. It’s only the heavenly man who doesn't possess one. Goal gives you a reason to wake up every morning to live life to the fullest. It creates a sense of pride and enthusiasm to move ahead without ever carrying words like, if, else, what, how, doubt, to name some. A person without a goal is like living without a shadow. Possible? Begin today by writing down your goals on a sheet of paper with date of achieving them and then glue it in front of your study table or on your refrigerator door or keep it in your wallet or whatever place you use the most. This will forever remind you of what you expect to accomplish in order to live a life you wanted to live. Get going today to ensure a better tomorrow.

Time and tide wait for none’, I know you know. This is not a feel good quote, but the one you should think deeply to capture its true meaning and follow to see the change it brings along. Time is the most precious gift on earth and it never gives value to a person by his/her richness, qualification and or wealth. If you employ your time in a planned, organized way, then you won’t need to repent ever in life. Life will create your fortune and will make your everyday shinning only if you value and respect your time by making the most out of it. Tough times never last for the toughest. So, organize your time and get prepared for the best life is ready to reward.

Attitude is another point you actually need to focus. It doesn't matter whether you are facing rain or sunshine, but remember both are temporary and both are certain to succeed. That’s the reason why you should forever hold a positive attitude with a smile and not a frown. Keeping the right attitude on the positive track will certainly make your life soothing even when you are practically standing in the midst of a typhoon. Why? Because that’s the period when life will test your ability and will power. The success will endure and the loser will wipe away. To construct the right attitude you need to get associated with people who are achievers with strong willpower, develop the habit of reading positive books, going to seminars and above all maintaining a healthy relationship at home or at the workplace. Attitude never perishes as long as you maintain it.

Life is full of roses and thorns, but it’s up to us to choose one. Our choice will draw our life as well as our destiny. Choose well before it’s too late for you to make the two ends meet. Enjoy life as it comes only then you will be able to live and not spend your life.

Have a great and wonderful day ahead! Life is not easy, but not difficult too…….